Design. Build. Renovate

Design. Build. Renovate

Design. Build. Renovate

About Belledune Homes

Belledune Homes Ltd is a family owned registered home builder, contractor, and renovator in Prince George, BC. Operating initially as Dave Eddy Construction, Belledune Homes Ltd was incorporated in 2010 to allow expansion into new home construction as general contractors. We are registered under the ENERGY STAR® For New Homes Initiative in Canada and are able to provided a certified home under this program. We build custom homes or have homes available for sale. We can assist with site selection, complete design work, and will take care of all paperwork, details, and all construction and finishing for your project.

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One of the benefits of working with Belledune Homes Ltd is that we do our own design work. This added value saves time and money on your project. Our approach is collaborative and iterative. We will keep working on your design until we get you the home that will meet your needs while fitting your budget. If you need help finding the perfect lot for your new home, Jody can help with that.


At the build stage we have a detailed budget, a design, a contact, a deposit, and a permit. We have already been working with you for several months at this point. We would have told you that the build process should take about 6 months from when we have the permit in hand, depending on the size and complexity of the project. You will have chosen windows and doors already as well as determined most of the options. The next phase is exciting, stressful, exciting again, and then you get to move in to your brand new home built for you and with you. See the Build Process document below for a quick summary of this phase.


Every year we get the privilege of enhancing homes and properties with additions, shops, and other larger remodels. Many people find that they cannot find a home that meets their needs and they love where they live. We are often able to come up with a plan that will correct you’re your home’s limitations, allowing you to love your home again. Renovations are often more challenging than new construction due to complicated structural considerations and tie-ins to existing siding, roofing, electrical, heating, and finishing. Asbestos is a major concern for WorkSafeBC so we will ask you to get an older home tested for it in the areas that will be disturbed in a renovation. You will also want to consult with your bank to understand the various ways to finance your project and determine your budget. If you have a smaller project such as kitchen and bathroom replacements, we will soon be set up to manage these as well but can refer you to one of our skilled colleagues in the meantime.


Here are just a few of our projects.

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Dave Eddy

Project Manager
Journeyman Carpenter

Jody Tindill

Business Manager, Realtor®

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